How 2024 Easter timing affects your tax return

Easter weekend fell at the end of March this year, on the final days of the tax year. The timing has some important implications for some of you: Extended 2023 returnsTaxpayers working with a tax agent who have an extension of time arrangement for 2023 tax returns should be aware that returns filed from March […]

Mixed-use asset rule change explained

April 1 marks a significant change in the GST tax treatment of mixed-use assets. Taxpayers can claim 100% of GST for expenses relating to the income-earning use of a mixed-use asset, for example, the cost of advertising a holiday home online. However, working out GST claims for expenses relating to both the income-earning and private […]

What to know if you rent out your holiday home or provide services online

Do you rent out a bach on Airbnb or do some driving on Uber for extra income? If so, there are more tax changes you need to know about. From 1 January this year, platforms such as Uber and Airbnb will collect information from their users including sales income and IRD numbers, and will be […]

Digital snapshot: The do’s and don’ts of ChatGPT

Everyone’s talking about the artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT, the new tool that can do just about anything, from generating letter templates to answering questions. ChatGPT is a fantastic free tool for any business. Here are some ways it can help you — and what you shouldn’t do with it. DO Use it to check your […]