New Zealand’s best farms

The annual Ballance Farm Environment Awards celebrate the best examples of Kiwi ingenuity on our orchards and farms, recognising great business models and land stewardship. Here are three of this year’s Regional Supreme Winners, including farmers who have branched out into tourism, and one orchard owner making a huge environmental impact: Auckland nursery goes nativePeter […]

Farming law reforms

Duty-free dairy exportsThe turn of the year brought a welcome change for New Zealand dairy farmers: all New Zealand dairy products can now enter China duty-free. Duties on milk powder no longer apply following China’s decision to remove dairy tariffs due to the New Zealand-China Free Trade Agreement. The new arrangement, effective from 1 January […]

Farming of the future

Digitisation is transforming how farms and orchards operate, leading to more innovation, efficiency, and productivity across New Zealand. In this edition’s Digital Snapshot, we’ll look at the Internet of Things (IoT), what it means, and how it can help farmers and growers. What is IoT?IoT refers to local networks of internet-connected devices and appliances that […]