Six Christmas email marketing tips

Keen to get a Christmas email out to your customers but unsure where to start? We’ve compiled some helpful pointers to get the most out of e-marketing. 1. Send more emails in December Experts believe that increasing the frequency of your emails in December can help grab customers’ attention. Inboxes are crowded as a result, […]

How to save energy over Christmas

While plenty of companies are closed over Christmas, some of us have to keep the lights on to serve our customers. Here are some energy-saving tips that could save you some money over the coming months. Only use the lights you need Lighting contributes significantly to energy usage, so if you’re running skeleton staff over […]

Your small business Christmas checklist

Christmas lists aren’t just for kids and Santa Claus. Before summer arrives, tick off our small business Christmas checklist to ensure you’re in the best possible shape for the year ahead. Plan cash flowMake sure your business has enough funds on hand to pay suppliers over Christmas and January, remembering your tax obligations in the […]

Manage your Christmas cash flow

Christmas can cause a cash flow crisis for small businesses, but you can prevent problems from spilling into the New Year. Here are two ways you can ease your cash flow worries:

Tricky tax questions at Christmas time

Here are some answers to common tax questions at this time of year. Is our Christmas work party tax deductible? Does it matter whether it is held on business premises?Expenditure on entertainment is only 50% deductible for tax purposes. This applies to deductions for spending on food and drink or celebration meals, whether they are […]

Keep your staff safe at Christmas

The holiday season is a time of celebration and indulgence, and a great way to highlight the achievements of the past year. But with every Christmas party comes great responsibility — employers must keep their employees safe. Four top tips for ensuring a Christmas party is remembered for all the right reasons: Disclaimer: This blog […]

The key to Christmas marketing

Christmas is a great time for businesses to send out fun, engaging messages to customers. People are on the lookout for new products, experiences, and services, more willing to spend. What’s the key to adding some Christmas magic to your marketing and inspiring brand loyalty into the New Year? Prepare early. Christmas decorations seem to […]

Don’t overlook inventory at Christmas

At Christmas, increased demand can take you by surprise. There’s nothing worse than running out of stock during peak season, so check your stock against previous summers. You don’t want to over-order or order too little. During the holiday season, relationships with suppliers are more important than ever. Check in with key suppliers early – […]

What to consider when closing up over summer

Security issues to considerAt Christmas time, most of us are celebrating and seeing our loved ones, yet some opportunist thieves see it as the perfect time to strike, taking advantage of empty businesses. 2022 has seen a spate of ram-raids, theft, and vandalism targeting New Zealand businesses. With companies closing over Christmas, there are plenty […]