Livestock Special Alert 2023: Sheep

Sheep values have all fallen from the high of 2022, slipping back an average of 10.2%. Whilst values have fallen, they are still either the second or third highest that they have ever been depending on which class of sheep you are looking at. The price of sheep meat weakened from the record highs of […]

Livestock Special Alert 2023: Goats

Goat values have increased on average 7.8% with almost all classes of fibre and meat producing goats at record highs. The value of milking goats continues to be well down from historic highs, except for breeding bucks which are at their highest value. Female milking goats have continued their decline, down a further 3.7% this […]

Livestock Special Alert 2023: Dairy Cattle

The values for Dairy this year have seen a fall in values across all female classes, but increases across all male classes. The fall in R1 heifer values can be attributed to the prohibition of live export by sea commencing from 30 April 2023. For the first time the National Average Market Value for R1 […]

Livestock Special Alert 2023: Beef

In contrast to Dairy values Beef values have increased on average 9% and are almost at record values for all classes. This is very much a tale of two halves of the 2022-23 season as exports and prices were weak in the first half of the season but have improved substantially as the season has […]